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Board our mobile arcade and select from our extensive collection of games and peripherals.

Accommodating up to 24 players on six screens, our video game party bus creates an awesome

playspace for you and all of your friends. Enclosed in a climate-controlled environment, our

LED, 46'', 1080p televisions will immerse you in video games like never before. Please call Will

with any questions, or fill out a contact form under the contact tab and we will get back to you soon.

                                Call us at (323) 999 -1386 to book now!

Weekend Rates (Sat-Sun):

2 Hour Party = $330                            

Additional Hours = $100       

Weekday Rates (Mon-Fri):

2 Hour Party = $280

Additional Hours = $90

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With Our LED Rope Lighting it's Fun to Play at Night

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